Saturday, April 30, 2011

Almost Summer

So finals are next week, AHHHH........ No, it actually wont be too bad, well at least I hope. So for an update I did get into the Art program and that took alot off my shoulders thankfully. I also GOT EFY!!!!!!! I got the email when I was in class and I ran out crying I was so excited!!!!! I truly feel so blessed that the Lord is going to trust me mentoring these kids during such a special week for them. I pray that I will be able to bring the spirit that is needed to help inspire these teenagers. I know that if I'm doing the right things that the Lord will definitely bless me. Moab was a blast and of course made many new friends! I move next weekend into the apartment across from me and I'm sooooo excited for that!!!! One of my old roommates from Provo will be moving back in with me and I get to have "my Tara" back, haha. We get along so well as roommates and I'm positive its going to be a blast. I also have two other good friends of mine moving in with us. One of them is my friends sister Crystal, and the other I met in Moab, Danielle. Its going to be a great summer with many new adventures. Oh I'm also way stoked that I get to go hang with my sister Jaimee and her family for a week the end of May. It will be so good to get away and just have fun with my family and not to mention I get to spend a week in Jaimee's kindergarten class playing Miss Julie again. I truly do love being in the classroom and helping, as that was my first major. Another side note I'm learning.....trying to figure out why I always want what I can't have.....Well I'm going to go head to the Temple, its just one of those days :) So I will post some fun Moab pictures later as I have some good ones!! Love you all who actually read this and keep tabs on my crazy life!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

More of my life

So when I got a blog I thought I would be really cool and update it all the time with my life......I'm still not sure what I was thinking, haha! Well my life has been crazy, but that shouldn't surprise you, right? Well last semester here at USU went really well and I shockingly got good grades, thank goodness. I have submitted my portfolio to the Art department to be accepted as an Art major, though am still waiting to hear back. I'm still loving my roommates and am still very thankful that by chance I got them. Drew and Lindsay are still my girls up here, and I rely on them for everything. Drew's mom "Momma J" has become my second mother up here, we all have sunday dinner at her place every week and its something I always look forward too! Lindsay and pono have recently gotten engaged and will be getting married on June 10, 2011. I'm sooo excited for them and I know they will have an amazing life together. Lindsay has also asked me to take their engagement photos and to be one of her bridesmaids, which I'm way stoked and honored to do both. I also applied to be an EFY counselor for the summer and had my interview back in January. I'm for now just waiting to hear back, while going crazy at the same time. I have never had a job that I was able to just up and leave for a summer job until now, so please keep in your prayers I get it. This is one of those things that I want so bad it hurts....even to the point if it came between choosing a boyfriend and EFY counseling....a boyfriend wouldn't stand a chance in that battle, haha!!! Plain and simple, I'm hoping that EFY counseling is in God's plan for me!!!! Well spring break is coming up again and I'm super excited! This year is going to be very different as opposed to last year. The year before I went only knowing one person and it was the trip that made the difference in my life to get me up to Logan. So here I am, with the most amazing friends and I get to spend a week in Moab with them. Life will be great, oh and not to mention that pretty much everyone that is going is now dating, engaged or married. Nate is expecting a few relationships to come out of this trip so we'll see how it goes. Oh and not to mention again, the guy I maybe "kind of" interested in is put another fun point into the story! Well I should probably get reading for class again, but thought it was a little time for an update. Love you all, and thanks for keeping tabs on me!

-Lori, I finally updated, haha!!!

Somehow, we always end up getting ourselves into some kind of trouble.....

Nothing to fear, this was just the "love pin"

Thats right, FIRST in line for the USU vs. BYU football game that we stomped all over!!!!

My life here in Logan, ROCKS!!!!!!! Heather, Lindsay, Me, & Drew

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Journey

So now that it has been well over a year that I have actually blogged, I figured it was due time. I can't believe how time flies and how much the Lord has blessed me in my life. I wish I knew really where to begin.

Starting with last June 2009, I ended up getting my lasik for my vision. It has been one of the coolest things ever, and to never have to wear contacts or glasses is honestly amazing. To those who have contemplated it, I 100% fully recommend it. That May I also have had my 5 year high school reunion and that was a blast too. I got to know some people on a different lever that I never got to know during school. After those things the rest of the year must not have been that big because I don't really remember anything happening on the unfortunate side.

So lets skip a few months and go straight to February 2010. One night I had a friend from high school text me and ask what I was doing for spring break. I had no idea because I have never been one of those who went anywhere cool for those fun holiday breaks. So Bryan entertained the idea to me of going to Moab with a very large group of friends. Him and some friends had went the year before and had an amazing time, so they decided to make it a tradition to go each spring break and make each one an epic adventure. So on March 15, 2010 I went to Moab with a group of 36 people and only knowing Bryan. I was nervous and a bit hesitant but knew that I would have a blast. We rented a house with 2 floors, and pretty much packed the place but it was so well worth it. We went to Delicate Arch, Corona Arch and who knows how many others :) Corona was the best though because we repelled off of the 160 foot arch straight down the middle. It was the most exhilerating feeling ever, if it hadn't been so windy and cold we would have probably done it a couple of times. During this trip I made some amazing friends and I know with out a doubt that me going on this trip was the work of the Lord. I had been praying for new friends and to find new peace in my lie.

So here are a few pictures from Moab.

I had just gotten hit with a snowball here......yes there was SNOW and SUN!!!

I was the only girl who hung upside down on the 160 foot arch, it was AMAZING

jumping off the sand dunes

After the trip I continued to play with these Moab friends and even made a few more road trips with them. Now about 20 of these people we traveled with were living in Logan going to Utah State University, so a couple of the road trips were made up to Logan to play. I started playing with the idea of moving to Logan but never thought I actually would. Though somehow the spirit kept knocking at my door and wouldn't leave me alone with the thought of Logan in the back of my head. One day I became really frustrated with playing with the idea of moving and called my friend Nate (who was part of the Moab clan) and expressed my feelings and frustration. He talked me through a few things and finally said, Julie you have already made up your mind, you just need to act on it. From then on I knew I was supposed to move with out a doubt. The plan was that I would stay down in Orem and finish my associates at UVU and then move up in December after fall semester. After I made that plan a couple weeks later it hit me that wasn't supposed to be the plan, but that I was supposed to move sooner.

Then came pow wow time. So the next time all my sisters and mom got together I asked for a pow wow and help with suggestions on anything and with the financial problems. Before moving I wanted to pay off a few things including my lasik surgery. So my sisters starting suggesting that I sell remember that I had a fully furnished house with couches, a love sac, table, and not to mention my room. When she suggested this I'm sure I looked like death had been blown down on me as I just stared at her and said absolutely not. I hate to publically say this but I was very prideful of what I had. I have worked really hard the past few years to have owned what I had. My sister Jaimee then said "Julie, I want you to be honest with me, but why do you have some of these things? You have your snowboard, but are you a die hard snow board and go everyweekend in the winter? You have your longboard, how many times do you actually use it? Think about why you have these things, do you do them because you LOVE them, or do you do it for socialness, to be cool, or because the boys do". I didn't like what she had to say but it really took a toll on me. I then later was talking to Terri and she starting singing the song Temporary Home, she also helped me realize that letting go of these things are not the most important thing in my life. I'm so grateful for my sisters and the love they share with me, they take care of me in so many different ways its amazing

After I got excepted to USU, I realized that I better get my head on straight and start selling some things. I posted my table and couches on KSL and craigslist hoping that I wouldn't have a problem selling them. One day I got a text from this guy asking to come see my table and he and his wife would come by later that day. As I was talking to the couple I mentioned that the couches were for sale as well and the wife got this look on her face like REALLY??? So long story short they ended up buying both the table and couches when they were only coming to see the table. I will say it now and again, but the Lord works his way!!!! This entry is getting really long and I'm sorry but YAY if you really actually made it this far :D So again long story short, I sold everything that I needed to and moved in with my parents for a month and a half until I moved up to Logan.

So all in all, everything worked out perfectly. I had a job before I even moved up here, I got in a place with great roommates, I'm walking distance from campus, I'm a full time student and only part time work, have AMAZING friends, and have grown so much closer to the spirit. I'm not sure where I heard this but I love the quote "Our life is God's gift to us, what we do with our life is our gift to God". He has given me so much with moving up here, I just hope that I can make the most of it and do what ever I'm supposed to do here :)

Stay tuned for another post with more pictures and adventures I have had up in Logan!

Thanks for reading,
Love Julie

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Few GREAT Months

So I bet your shocked to actually see something new up.....yes I know its way over due!!! Well in the last few months ALOT has gone. For starters I changed jobs AGAIN, I recieved my endowments, got a new car, changed roommates, bought new couches, started rollerblading again, got new roller blades, and am possibly getting Lasik surgery.

In February the customer service job I had been working for decided to cut some costs and lay me off (though had offered me to come back in April when funds start back up). Though this was a frustrating time it was almost a blessing and a relief because I had been wanting to quit that place for quite some time. This was on a friday that they had told me and had given me one week to hopefully find a new job. Well of course right after I found out I started talking around to possibly find good connections for a new job. I must say it is quite nice to have my sister pass the word because I immediately got a call from our good family friend Britt Terry. Britt's uncle had a business and was in need of somone for their COBRA department. I was given Dave's (the manager) number that next Monday, when I called him he asked me to come in for an interview
that day. On Tuesday he called me back and offered me the job and to start the next day. I can't explain how grateful I am for friends with connections and especially during times like these. All I can say is that I sure owe Britt some good babysitting jobs for his girls :D

Now that was in March, that was the GREAT month!!! I wont go into all the details but alot led up to knowing that it was my time to recieve my endowments. On March 14th I recieved my endowments in the Provo Temple. I'm so grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel and knowing that I can be with my family for eternity!!! :D

With my finances being stable in April I went out and bought a new couch and chair from RC Willy. Thankfully I had some tax refund money to help with that as well.

So here we are now in May and I feel like I'm getting back into my active self with the feeling that this is going to be one of those awesome summers. I decided to start up roller blading again but in order to do so I had to get one blades. The ones I had been using are literally from middle school, so I figured it was about time to get some new ones. So today was the day and I got some new ones that I got an awesome deal on and absolutely love them. I also have been picking up my guitar again and have been doing quite well and am loving my caliced fingers and I plan to keep it up (if I couldn't put enough and's in that sentence). I have tried to briefly cover the last few months in a nutshell and just to say that I'm doing great. I have an amazing family, I love the Gospel and I'm getting active again this summer and am absolutely loveing it. Oh I forgot to mention that I may be getting Lasik surgery this month too. I have an eye appointment next Monday to see if I am eligable for it (I'll let you all know how it goes). Next time I will try and post some pictures of my few adventures and my couches. Ta ta for now and thanks for actually finishing this post if you did :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Does this need a title?

So where to start?? So for those who were wondering my face did scar a little from the accident though not to bad. My friend Brian the one I was with when this happened now calls me scar face lol....though its fine because everyone else now calls him face breaker :D

So plenty has happened and I'm sad to say that I should have been blogging the whole time but I didn't and now I can only put what I remember :( Though I will say another reason I was not blogging was because I had gotten my nails done (which I loved because they were so cute and made me feel girly) but they got in the way of EVERYTHING.....they drove me up a wall :) So I know I shouldn't have done it but I tore them off last night, I couldn't handle anylonger them getting in the way when I type, text, try to pick something up....or even try to pick a zit....HAHA!! So hence the reason I'm finally blogging hehe I can type now!!!!

So I don't get it.....guys that is.....So I started dating this guy, and when I found out he was a carpenter I asked him if he could help me with a project to make a new table top for my table (the one I had was a cheap top that got something on it and warped some of looked absolutely horrible)....he said sure no problem. The next thing I know he brings over the table top....I couldn't believe was beautiful and I couldn't have been more thankful that he did this for me. Though sad to say just after that I wasn't feeling that we were right for eachother and I broke it off....sound familiar? haha ya I know some of you are laughing because I break off every relationship I me know and sometimes I wonder if I'm going to be like 40 before I find my best friend. Oh well I'm thankful for the friends I have and the support of family!!!! Though there was one other really cool thing while I was dating this guy....he was a divorced daddy and so I would take my niece and nephew out with us to play with his son. One night we all came over and watched Terri's kids while they went out and his son got to play with our kids....and then on Jared's (the guy I was dating) birthday we all went out to Chucky Cheese and celebrated his birthday as well as his son's which was the week before. So of course Terri was loving me dating him because I took her kids out for fun nights....oh and another time I took Silver with me because we went bowling with his son so it was just fun for them to have play mates. Sorry Terri no more play dates :( So maybe this can be a test with other guys that they like it when I take your kids to play with does that sound? ;)

this is the table that he made for me....its beautiful....I love it!!!

So I learned a new lesson about my little nephew Silver....he listens to EVERYTHING!!!!!!! So we are at my nieces 4th birthday party at a place called Kangaroo zoo (they have the big blow up slides and things that will wear out the kids for bed). Well it was getting close for the time for me to leave to go to school...though I decided to skip school so I could help my sister Terri with the rest of the party. So I'm sittin there talkin with Terri and the moms and I say to my sister "hey don't tell mom I'm skipping school to help you" problem right? Well I was later talking to my mom and had to confese and she said she knew....didn't think much of it right? Well I'm in the car the other night with my nephew and he goes "hey juju when you were at the party I told grandma you skipped school" wow I just about died so I called my sister just laughing and thinking what a little tattle tale.... So I'm talkin to Terri and she was just dying laughing and was like "oh my gosh I know, so we were just standing there with mom and silver turns around and goes Grandma juju skipped school for the party" word to the wise if you don't want it repeated.....DON'T let my sweet little silver listen in on your little smart turkey!! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here it goes AGAIN!!!! Now the second year in a row where I end up in the ER from SLEDING. Last year I was sledding and my saucer turned around on me and I went through the bushes and hit my back on the corning of the building, missing my spine about by an inch. THIS year my face decided to smack a TREE!!! So my family has this small problem with me, they say I have no fear.....well you see my friend Brian's parents have this huge backyard thats a hill with lots of trees and bushes. So before it snows they dig out trails between the trees so when it snows you have an awesome sledding trail. Well I like to copy guys on what they do and in the mean time I have no fear hehe..... So my friend Brian took off, ran and jumped and sledded on I do the same....EXCEPT for when I did I got a big puff of snow in my face at the same time I didn't drag my feet around that corner that was coming up. So instead of my sled turning the corner I went straight, there was a drop off right there as well as 2 trees. Well I went straight through AFTER I hit my face on the tree, each of my arms wrapped around each tree which made me go face down in the snow. So here I am hanging upside down in the snow with a SCRATCHED up FACE!!!! So of course all my friends were like OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! and Brian runs over with his cell phone to use the light on my face to see that I totally scratched it up. We find my WHITE beanie and I sled the rest of the way down. I thought I would be fine until it started to REALLY sting, so I decided to go up and see what I could do to clean it up. I decided that I could not inflict the PAIN upon myself while cleaning it so of course I ran over to my MOM's. I got over there laughing at the fact that right before I went I was talking to her and she goes "just make sure you are careful" HA!!!! This happened on a friday night and I had to work the next day and then babysit 7 kids that saturday night as well. So saturday morning I went to my my work meeting at 7:30 AM and work at 10, I was lucky and got off early and was able to go to the ER before I went babysitting. I had a catscan done to make sure I didn't crush anything on my face from smacking it so hard. Everything was fine though it was very tender. So this whole time I have been taking pictures and sending them to my sisters so they know whats going on, and of course Terri goes COME OVER I want to take a picture. I was like Terri don't worry I will blog them and she goes, well not all my friends look at YOUR blog....haha just thought that was funny!! Sunday was the bad day!!!!! I think my body finally decided to say "oh you were tramatized and you are sick". I was nausiated so much and ended up throwing up AT church and was sick the rest of the day. So here are the lovely pictures of my accident prone self!!! It starts off from that night and then goes on, the swelling got so bad I was seeing the puffyness and it hurt so bad to smile, hence the half smile lol..... So after the puffyness went away the RAINBOW colors came and I had my FIRST shiner!!!

I must say that I really do love Christmas time, and every year I feel as though my knowledge of the true meaning of christmas becomes more real. I am so thankful for Christ's birth and the knowledge that we will be able to return home to him. I had an awesome christmas this year with my family....even with being thrown and smothered in the snow (thanks Silver)....

Ok so this is for all you STRATFORDS out there!!!!!! You must know that I have always envied your outdoors lifestyle and have wanted to be just like you guys. Hearing all your skiing stories always made me want to be a skiier just like you guys.....AND I FINALLY LEARNED!!!!!!!!! I have been snowboarding for about 3 years now and absolutely LOVE it, but never got the opportunity to learn how to ski. So on new years day I got the opportunity to learn, my friend Jeff took me up to Sundance and taught me how. I will have to say that for my first time I was VERY proud of myself hehe :) I may have snow plowed it the WHOLE time....BUT I got pretty good at that. So of course I made Jeff video me skiing just for you guys....(yes I know I'm lame) but I couldn't resist. So don't laugh but here it is!!! Oh also......MY LEGS KILL!!!!!!!!!!! I walk like an old person my calves hurt so bad the next day.....BUT it was well worth it!!! oh and no offence but I think I will stick to snowboarding ;)

So my New Years Eve was absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Last year I hosted a new years eve party and it turned out awesome so I decided to do one again. I love it when you invite a bunch of people and only a certain amout come....Well this year I expected only so many to show and had about double show up. My house was so full that I had both couches filled, people on all the chairs, love sac and my floor was covered. I had about 26 people over at one time and just know that my little house doesn't hold ALOT of people lol. But anywho we had a blast and I was grateful that I was able to spend it knowing that I really did have a great 2008!!

TIME TO GET A TRIM!!!!!! So you think your hair doesn't grow very fast until you have short hair. Well I have not had the time to go get a trim nor the money, so I decided to give myself my own hair cut. All my roommates gave me the look of "you are RETARDED" but anyone who knows me knows that I will do what I I did it :D Take a look and see what you think....I personally think I did GREAT!!!!

So here has been my little life for the past few weeks....OH and I got my grades for my TWO classes that I took last semester lol....and I got an "A" and an "A-", I was very proud because school is just one of those things that is not to easy for me. School starts up again on Wednesday so wish me luck, I will be taking Biology 1010 and Intro to Music.

So here I am....and hope you made it to the end :D

Monday, December 15, 2008

time goes by way toooo quick.....

Wow ok ummm.......So I guess you could say ALOT has happened in the past few months......NO JOKE!! haha well anyways I moved, went on a road trip to DISNEYLAND, started a challenge with my mom and sisters, had my birthday and lots of other things that I just can't think of right now :D

You know sometimes there comes to a point where you just need a really good change and thats about where I got to when I decided to move. I have lived in now 6 houses in about 3 and a half years now including my parents when I first moved up here, and I can say this has been the most refreshing move yet. It is so nice to want to come home to fun roommates who you get along with so well. When I decided to move absolutely everything fell into place!!! I have a really good friend emily that I have known for about 3 years and she was to the same point I was when we decided to move. So we found a place and then put out an ad on ksl for 2 girls to move in with us, I'm not yet sure on what Emily and I did right to have gotten these girls. They are amazing and hopefully if all goes well they will get to stay for next semester (they only alotted a certain budget for one semester :( ) So girlys if you read this....LOVE YA!!! So anywho I am loving where I live and then best part is that I went from a 3rd floor to a 1st floor (hehe the guys that help me move were thankful) and it was walking distance too :D

these were taken today because we thought we looked cute haha

So in October I got the chance to take a road trip with about 9 of my friends out to california to go to Disneyland, the last time I had been there was roughly 12 years ago :( We had planned out this trip for about 3 months ahead and yet things still started to fall through but it was still good in the end. Emily and I left on a monday night and stayed the night in st. george with my sister Tami and then tuesday morning drove to cali with a stop off in vegas to suprise my sister Jaimee while she was teaching....and plus I had to drop off a "suprise box" for her my mom had put together (you all know what those are like lol) then off to cali. Tuesday night we stayed with my uncle in cali and then wednesday we headed to disneyland and met up with everyone else. We played at Disneyland on wed and thur and then on fri we went to six flags. I will say that next time I go I honestly want to play at disneyland for 3 days instead of just the 2 I was not done there and there was so much we didn't get to see :( (we kind of had someone in the group push everyone at a fast pace so we didn't get to enjoy things as much as we would have liked....but oh well). Saturday morning Emily and I went to the beach and played our hearts out in the sand and I finally got to bury myself in the sand.....haha yes I know but that is something I have always wanted to do hehe. Then off to vegas where Emily had never played before, I took her to the strip and of course the water show (which they have changed now if you didn't know) and then stayed the night over at Jaimee's again. Drove back sunday and lets just say slept well that night :D

I had to create a little movie for my digital media class so I did it with pictures from disneyland... don't forget to pause my other music :)

So it was real neat this year for thanksgivng and my birthday! A few years ago my family started a new tradition of where the WHOLE family gets together and we switch off houses....don't worry the year that I married will be the switch in rotation hahaha.....anyways this year it was down at Jaimee's in vegas and let me tell you it was soooo fun. We all had a blast and the 9 grandkids had a blast playing with all their cousins. Well this year my birthday was 2 days after thanksgiving so we all stayed down there for my day hehe :D my birthday was on saturday but on friday Jaimee had arranged for 2 girls to babysit ALL 9 kids so the adults could go out to dinner. After dinner we all went bowling (boys vs. girls) and let me tell you my mother SMOKED everyone....yes even the guys it was awesome!!!! After that Terri had to have her ice cream because haha about half of them ordered a salad that they all hated and so were still I enjoyed my dinner :) So we got our ice cream and decided to play a card game....though we only got half way through it because Jaimee couldn't keep her eyes open playing the game....oh oh it was so funny hehe :D See I can put stuff like this because I'm not sure they will finish reading this far in my blog...haha!!! Oh so not to mention it was like about 1:30 am and I realized it was my birthday and so of course knowing me I said something.... well Jason and Kaleo thought it was their duty to give me my first gift......THEY THREW ME IN THE POOL......and let me tell you it was FREEEEEZZZING!!!! oh did I mention that Jaimee and Jason had their pool finished by thanksgiving so we got the hot tub each night.... so ya my first b-day gift was a nice cool throw in the pool....thanks boys!!! So anyways saturday we did a gift exchange for all the little cousins for christmas and that was sweet they had fun with all their new toys.....and me too for my birthday hehe.....So I had asked my mom for christmas a crockpot but my sisters all knew me well enough and got me one with a couple of other suprises but I got a crockpot!!!! YAY!!! The best part is that I never said I wanted one....but then again I guess Terri got tired of me always borrowing her and then returning it 3 weeks later hehe :D But the sad part is that apparently my mom had already gotten me one for christmas....whoops :D So anywho Thanksgiving was a blast and it made me so thankful for my family. They are honestly who I have become today, there is a part of me in each of them and I thank them for that!!! Oh and we also did family pictures again that was fun......we just took my camera and put the lovely timer on and set it on my tripod....which was better than last time....haha we were at the park and just set the camera on a big garbage can it was awesome!!!

like I said she kicked all our rears :D yes I know we look gross and Jaimee by the way

made ME stick MY hand down the turkey's BUTT......

of course the normal with those two right? me and my birthday treat lol

sorry me and my photoshop :D

priceless............ I look like I'm more excited for the box before I

even knew what it was haha

Terri don't kill me but I HAD to :D

like I said Jaimee couldn't keep her eyes open during the game and me after I got thrown in the pool for my birthday.....

Ok so the truth comes out.....The girls in my family have all decided to put a little challenge on for a little weight loss :) The monday after thanksgiving I decided I had my own goal of losing 10 lbs by christmas.....well after I had lost 3 I started challenging the girls and they got upset that I put a challenge on AFTER I had already lost weight hehe :) so we came up with an idea of the first one to lose 10 time frame just the first one.....but here is the catch the loser has to post on their blog that they are the loser.....quite the incentive right?.....well so far for my own personal goal I have already lost 5 and am doing soooo good. It is honestly amazing how fast you can lose by just changing your diet.... but just know that the next post will definately NOT be me posting that I lost muahaha...... but anyways.....I'm doing good, glad to be almost done with school....well this semester lol.....loving the snow but wanting more......and trying to be the best I can.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Life?

So I must say I felt like an idiot!! Last thursday I got out of choir late and had to book it across campus to my car because I was going to the Temple to do some baptisms for the dead and on thursday nights they close at 10 pm. So I book it again across town while changing into my skirt (yes while driveing) and get to the Temple with just minutes to spare. Now not like a good girl did I remember to bring better shoes to the Temple and I had these flip flops that were Terri's while she was down there at SUU. So I'm sure these flip flops were close to like 10 years old, I'm sure those of you who know Terri know her and her leopard....well these were her favorite 2 inch leopard flip flops that every chance I got would "borrow" them (even though she didn't know I had them sometimes until I would accidently wear them in front of her, oops) but anyways.....I get out of the car and the amazing shoe of mine/ours BREAKS!!!!! one of the sides came undone and here I am hobbling trying to keep the shoe on, so I decide to take my shoe off but I didn't want to take both just imagine me trying to walk into the shoe on the foot, the other in my hand, and me feeling like an IDIOT because I should not have worn flip flops in the beginning....I normally don't but I had forgotten to bring different shoes because I come from school!! So I walk down the stairs went around the corner and saw my most favorite sister EVER....I go over to her and with my most shame voice say "sister patching my shoe broke" she just laughed and took my shoe from me. So she went to try and find some glue, well while I was changing she came back and said she couldn't find some glue but what she had done will at least get me sweet sweet sister DUCT TAPED my shoe.....oh how I love my sister patching!!!! and Terri if you read this I'm sorry about your shoe but I'm trying to get it fixed :)

So I must tell you I'm SORE!!!!! I went wake boarding yesterday and this is the first time I went out of this summer, I know I went late but hey I still got to go!! I normally get to go at least one to two times a summer so this was my time! So I was on my first run up and when I fell I seriously face planted it on the bottom of the lake (and utah lake is SHALLOW) and I bit my cheek almost completely now I have this horrible canker sore and my muscles are SHOT!!! so if you see me don't push me over because I will fall for the lack of muscle strength :)

So thats pretty much my life right now.....I'm loving my DGM class, thats my first class into my major and I'm already learning lots of neat things!! So by the end of the semester I should have my photography website up and not just have to use a blog :) but there you have it.......ME :)
I was soooo cold in this picture, like an idiot i forgot to bring a sweatshirt haha

I know way tooo much concentration, my board was a little big and so it wasn't on very tight

Please tell me you agree on how pretty this is, I love being out in the water during this time

Friday, August 8, 2008


Wow so alot has gone on thats for sure!! Well at the end of June I had gotten laid off of my job because of financial problems of the company, yes I know sad!! I had been with that job for just over a year and I had the most amazing boss, so I was really sad to leave it. So a few months before that I had a job offer from one of my clients and I had turned him down at the time, but after that happened on friday I called my client, had an interview on monday and had the job with everything I needed on tuesday!! I swear sometimes I feel as though the Lord watches out for you in ways that you never thoguht were for you. My car starting giving me major problems that week and the gas prices were going up but at least I'm not commuting 25 minutes each day everyday anymore. So I started this new job at Vision Security in customer service and believe it or not I love it, but maybe thats because I get to work with people now, because before it was me in the front and then my boss in the YAY I get my socialness back :) Well anyways theres my job situation!!

Ok so my sweet sister Terri gave birth to seriously the most beautiful baby boy Teave Kaze on June 28 which he gets to share it with my brother in law Jason :) That night was really perfect timing, I had gone out with some friends to a midnight movie but there wasn't a showing (which we didn't know) so we went bowling instead. Well I had got home about 1:30 am and not even 10 minutes later I get the text that they were on their way to the hospital and I was seriously out of the house in less than 30 seconds. So I ran and got my mom at her house and we headed up to the hospital. It was a really neat experience, my awesome cousin Dawn came in the middle of the night to watch all 8 kids so all my sisters, I, and my mom could all be their for the birth. We had moments of scare when his little heart beat would drop, the cord was wrapped around his neck and he was just plain stubborn :) he must take after his favorite auntie!! But when the midwife said possible forcepts.....Terri sure pushed with more effort than she ever had before and we know she had some help to get that baby out!! Well he has been a fun little blessing to have around and little Silver and Mia just love their new baby brother!!!

So I just recently got the opportunity to play Mommy for about 5 days and it was crazy for sure!!! So let me tell you about my best friend Keri Reed!! I met Keri almost 10 years ago when she was pregnant with her 4th baby TJ. She was in my ward growing up and she needed a babysitter one night, so her mom in law Jane (who was my young womans leader) called and asked if I could tend for her. Now remember I was about 12 and when Keri and I met, we were instant friends from the beginning and still are the best of friends ever!!! About 3 years ago she started me on week and a half mommy trainings lol, her and her husband went to Hawaii a couple of times and both times she had me watch her kids, Keslie, Bryson, Kenzie, TJ, and Emily were my kids for about 10 days. So about a month ago I had a friend getting married down in St. George and I was planning on going down there. Well with out Keri knowing this I get this random text from her to see if I could watch her #6 baby Aysha for about 5 days from friday to wednesday morning. I will say that it was perfect timing but I sure was going to have alot on my plate!! So my friend Mary drove down with me on thursday night, mary stayed with her grandpa and I went over to the Reeds. So they left on friday and I had Aysha with me that day to take to the wedding, I felt so bad because we were outside a bit and let me tell you it was BLAZING HOT!!!! But my sweet little girl took it like a champ, the rest of the day was a little difficult because she had no idea what was going on and why I had her (she is only about 9 months) and sad to say but she doesn't know me like how all the other kids know me. So after the reception that night we drove back up to orem, and then on saturday I/we went up to my family reunion that was about 2 hours away. At this point I felt so bad for aysha because all we had done was drive, and be outside and let alone I was still a stranger :( well as time passed things got better for her once we settled down with my family and be it became more of a familiar setting for her (a family setting). So saturday we just played with my family at our cabin up at Nordic Valley or as now called Wolf Creek Mountain, and then drove back that evening. So monday comes and Mary was a sweetheart and was able to watch her while I went to work. Then on tuesday I had off and got to spend the day with her, we had some fun and she was good for me, but it was interesting because at this point I really did feel like a single thank heavens I'm not one lol.....Then on wednesday morning I met up with one of Keri's friends so she could watch her for the rest of the day until they came to get her. I will honestly say that I really did learn alot from that experience and am extremely grateful for it, so thank you Keri for giving me that opportunity!! Another thing I thought that was really interesting was a week later I went to the lake with them and believe it or not she still went to me...hehe and I thought she would have been done with me! Comes to show that even when you don't know someone and they take care of you and love you, they will recognize it even at such a young age. So again thank you Keri for giving me the opportunity to take care of and love your little girl!!!

One quite other exciteing and sad thing that happened!! So I'm on the activities committee in my singles ward and I planned this great activity! It was this amazing slip and slide down this hill about 100 feet long, and it was absolutely of the counselors in my bishopric tried to go down...well it was his second time and he went to go and he slipped....ya go from there he completely snapped his ankle and it was flopping!!!! My car was the closest and so I ran to go get it, in the mean the guys carried him out and we put him in my car. So I and my friend Tresa in our muddy swimsuits and all grassed up from sliding down the slip and slide ran him down to the ER. We got there and got him set up just in time for his wife to show up so that was good. So the worst part is that he broke his leg in 3 different spots and had to get sururgy the next day with 6 months recovery :( It makes me want to like sit and read books for my next activity haha!!! But other than that it was really fun and we did have a good time! It was one of those activities where you get to act like a kid and its all good, we went and used the little $3 pool tubes and slid down the side with them. So here is a little clipse of what an event it was!!

Wow so as times passes and school has now started....YAY!!!! I'm only taking 2 classes right now but thats ok because it will result in one day me finishing!!! So right now I'm taking Ethics and Values and my first my DGM class which is the first class into my major. So for those who don't know what I'm majoring in, its graphics with an emphasis in photoshop, web design, and video editing. Though one thing I'm excited about is that for one of our projects we have to do a website for us or for a company.....soooo by the end of this semester I will finally have out a real website for my photography!!! YAYAYAY!!!! well ok for me I feel that way :D ok so that was a really long post and I'm sorry but I had to do a little updating in my life.....oh and still no boy, but its good because honestly if there was he would feel lonely because I would have no time for him haha!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lets Make A New Memory!!!!

Leave A Memory

Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. :) If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

First Time Being Tagged!!!!!

WoW so I got tagged and here it goes......

i am: laying down writing this and laughing with my roommates about boys!!!!
i know: what I want but don't know how to get it
i want: to have all my finances in order
i have: an AMAZING family that I can't live with out
i hate: taking the time to go use the little girls room I find it a waste of time (this is the truth)
i miss: someone that I would never admit to
i fear: SPIDERS like you have no idea
i feel: kind of silly and tired
i hear: my roommates laughing and nichole talking her head off
i smell: not really anything anymore
i crave: ummm.....I don't think anything really right now
i search: for a money tree that I still can't find
i wonder: when its my turn
i regret: going to fast
i love: my life, the Gospel, my family, my friends, my roommates
i care: about what happens to you
i always: giggle (thats what my roommate told me to put)
i am not: always THAT crazy
i believe: that one day the man of my dreams is going to come and sweep me off my feet!!!
i dance: sooo not grand but I still love to
i sing: all the stinkin time, very loud and with my whole heart
i fight: physically with my roommate Nichole but we are laughing the ENTIRE I guess its not fighting :)
i write: not too often
i lose: debates with my friend Brandon all the time
i win: all the time unless its with Brandon
i never: lie
i listen: to country all the time.....and at work I listen to customers complain all day
i am scared: of watching scary movies alone
i need: to be around people.......I don't like to be alone, I can but I don't like it :(
i am happy about: that some things in my life are just falling into place :)
i tag: Terri, Jaimee, Tami, Marci and Nichole.......oh and if Kyle wants he should ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Daddy's Day

So today being my Dad's birthday AND Father's day or as I like to call it Daddy's day...yes yes I still call my Dad Daddy :) I thought I would make a post saying how thankful I am for him and how much I love him. This man has been through alot lately and has tried sooo hard to stay afloat!! He has honestly taught me so much in my life....from respect for others, to be strong, a good work ethic, GREAT pranks hehe, to keep good values, to stand up for what I believe in, honesty, to be trust worthy, and sooo much more in my life. There was this one time when my dad was in a real busy streak with work and I asked him to do something with me, he told me no he couldn't but that he always had time for a matter when. I have always remembered that and he still yet has not broken his word....and mind you this was a long time ago :) LOVE YOU DADDY!!

and don't mind the date...that was taken today :)

Well today we had a blast and had fun taking pictures, here are just a few that I had fun with :)

Terri I know you don't like this one but I do :)

I just think the WORLD of these two!!!

after I took this picture Terri says "WOW this one is one that will get scrapbooked....but no one else will ever see" but I just consider this scrapbooking....well kinda :D

oh I just love this picture....she was actually really good at hitting the balls that came to her...even the ones that were out of her reach...what a high achiever!!!

you know these 2 really love their "papa"

This is my sweet Mia....I love it she would just do what ever I told her....isn't she just gorgeous!!!
and my handsome little Silver :) Now these 2 are the BEST OF FRIENDS

Sunday, June 8, 2008

OH Sundays!

So I will have to say that today was quite the sunday....well not much really happened but it was still funny :D Well so anyways I did go on a date last night to the Scera theater and we saw The King and I, and that was amazing! So my friend that asked me out had never seen the play before nor his roommate, though the girl he asked was actually in so we sat and sang through the whole thing, but it was way fun!!

So today....well church was awesome of course ;) well I cooked some dinner for a few of my friends and that was yummy!! Sorry I know this is soooo all random but I couldn't really think of anything else to write :) Ok so you got to understand my friend Brandon....he has to be better than you in everything...(in a lol nice way) and he always has to win......WAIT ok so I finally did beat him at something...on friday we went bowling and I killed that will be the first and only time hehe!!! (I have had to learn to accept this) anyways I will say that he is always a good friend and does my dishes after I cook him dinner...he is great like that. He actually even did them at my sisters, we went over there for my Mom's birthday dinner and he wouldn't even let me do them at my family's was funny :).....sorry I keep getting off track on my nonsense story :) So well he decided to get out the "towel" and yes you know what that means....."towel whipping time" he swatted me over and over and over....I mean I couldn't get a swat back at him worth anything it was funny :) well he ended up giving me this welt that looked like it was bleeding....and it still looks like it hehe :p So we then go to ward prayer....and we meet at our club house which has a pool ;) so the guys kept makin fun that they were gonna throw me in....but I held on so tight to Brandon they gave up because I woudn't let go and if I would have gone in he would have ....well anyways I went and pushed my roommate in...hehe yes fully clothed but then guess what happens.....BRANDON.....of course....comes and puts me in my place.....the well we laughed and the pool was warm :D.....(and to be honest us girls wanted to get in becuase the water was warm but didn't want to look like to silly girls just jumping in) hehe so it worked out great!!!!! well there isn't too much more goin on.....oh other than I'm gonna be takin a DISNEYLAND trip in October with some great friends of mine :D ok I'm done!! so we are a little soaked...ya think?

oh aren't we just sooo dang cute....oh here we are....Julie and Jewels

We are GREAT roommates....we fight all the time....and we both wanted the towel hehe

This would be last sunday.....and as you can tell Brandon is surely concentrating on those cards
look at that.....fighting again.....sheesh
but you see.....we can be sweet....after a fight ;)
so this would be us soaked.....again

and here is a kinda dumb video but I thought it was funny